Price: $1,250.00

This saddle has a high, rigid pommel arch for better fitting to any horse’s withers. No rigid frame that allows better flexibility for the horse.

Has deep seat and high cantle that offer better comfort and stability for the rider and a very close contact with the horse.

Strong and durable for daily training use.

Soft premium leather and stainless steel hardware. Four front rings and five rear rings to tie trail equipment or training accessories.

This model comes with the front arc covered with rawhide for the trainers who works hard with the reins, suede seat and square skirt.

The narrow gullet fits narrow-barreled horse breeds, such as Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, Rocky Mountain, Icelandic, Spotted Saddle and other small gaited horses.

The medium gullet fits wider-barreled horse breeds, such as Tennessee Walker, American Saddlebred, Mangalarga Marchador, Andalusian, Arabian, Morgan.

The wide gullet fits much wider horse breeds, such as American Quarter Horse, Racking Horse.

Seat type options: smooth leather, suede leather, stitch-down seat, and suede patch.

Colors: black, brown, two tones (black and brown).

Includes fenders, straight stirrups (already positioned for the rider’s feet), nylon rigging, and cinch.